Mail Migration from mDaemon to Outlook

I am task with 65+ account emails migration from mDaemon profile to Microsoft Outlook. I have backup of all the accounts emails in separate folders & what I notice is that they are in some MSG file type extension. Need advice on an easy way to migrate all accounts emails into MS Outlook & at the same time keep each account emails separate?

Migrating emails from mDaemon to Outlook was never a simple task, the main reason behind it is that Outlook only allows us to import PST files. Although the single mail files of Outlook are also saved in MSG format, but still you cannot save the MDaemon messages.

To migrate multiple mailboxes from mDaemon to Outlook, use the mDaemon to PST Converter tool available for download…


In this position mDaemon MSG to PST Converter is the best possible option that is available. What it does is convert the MDaemon msg mails into PST format, as mentioned above Outlook do provide option to import/open PST files. Best part is this tool maintains the accurate layout of the messages during the entire process & also keeps the embedded attachment files of the emails intact. Basically, here is quick working & direct solution for migrating mDaemon mails to Outlook

Easy migration solution for Multiple Mailboxes

From the above query we can also gather that users often ask for a solution that can allow to migrate multiple mailboxes from different users account. This is obvious as mDaemon is a mail server, so there are going to be many account connected with it.

To deal with such situation Multiple Mailboxes Migration option is made available with mDaemon MSG to PST Converter. With this option at a single process, multiple mailboxes of mDaemon can be converted into PST format & each mailboxes will be saved in separate Outlook PST files to avoid any sort of confusion. This option is available only if you have the UNLIMITED LICENSE of the software.

Here is your chance to know more about Mail Migration from mDaemon to Outlook


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