Import EML Files into Microsoft Outlook

I am having EML Files in my system, now I need to import all those files to Outlook. When I search the methods of migration, I found so many ways. Now I am confused totally, so can anyone suggest me the easiest way, as I need to migrate the data as early as possible because I need it urgently.

Yes, there is an easy way, which will help you to get out of your problem. But before that, we should understand the terms EML and MS Outlook clearly:

What is EML?

EML is the file extension for an email message, which saves the messages in plain text format and is widely, used by different email applications e.g. Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail etc.  Using EML viewer tools, it is easy to view EML files in absence of these email applications.

What is MS Outlook?

Outlook is free desktop-based email client, which comes with the windows package. It includes all the features of email clients, contacts, calendar etc. All the data is stored in a folder with .pst extension. It allows the users to send and receive emails from system.

How to Migrate EML Files to Outlook?

To import EML files into Microsoft Outlook there is need to change EML files to PST. Manually it is possible to move EML files to PST by following the procedure:

  • Open windows Live Mail and save the EML files at the store location of Windows Live Mail
         C:/Users/windowsusername/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Live Mail.
  • Select File >> Export >> Email messages.
  • Now select the format you want to export the data. Choose MS Exchange and click next.


    Enter a caption

  • Choose the EML files from the saved location.
  • Once the process is completed, the completion message will be displayed

There are many cons of using Manual process because of which the user avoid the process such as:

  • Does not give accurate result
  • Takes a lot of time
  • Data is lost sometimes while migrating
  • Complex process

Therefore, there is a third party tool i.e. EML2PST Converter software, which helps to reduce the workload easily.

Benefits of Using Third Party Tool:

The EML-PST Converter software is easy to access and saves a lot of time to import EML files into Microsoft Outlook. There are many additional features of this software:

  • Gives 100% accurate results
  • Import EML files into Microsoft Outlook with all the attachments and Meta data
  • Supports all the Windows editions like Windows10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 etc
  • Works on all MS Outlook versions e.g. Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2009 etc
  • Creates separate PST folder for all EML files after conversion
  • Supports file size of more than 2GB
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy while importing EML files into Microsoft Outlook
  • Transfer data within few seconds
  • Totally Virus free software
  • Easily transfer the EML files from different email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, DreamMail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail etc.

Free Demo

The software gives an option of Free Demo, which helps a user a lot by understanding the importance and use of software practically by using it. Demo version software works similarly as the licensed do but it prints a word Demo after conversion.To remove the word Demo, there is a licensed product available, which is of only 29 USD.


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